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Originally Posted by lovemaggy View Post
like....with crayons?

or are you being rude?

sorry i really can't tell...i didn't want to bring this up but i am also autistic ...functioning....but sometimes i just don't get what someone is trying to express to me..

so far only a couple of poly people have been nice to me, so it wouldn't be all that shocking I was being serious...and sarcastic (serious sarcasm )...sometimes drawing these relationship structures out is easier than trying to explain them (like flow charts). I was going to write out an example of what I meant by 2 couples and one person in each being each others secondaries...its just so messy to write...

sorry for the misunderstanding...and sorry some poly people haven't been nice. If anything poly people have been exceptional in my fairly new experience. The ones I have encountered are awesome. This site has a lot of great people to help bounce stuff off of
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