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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
Often what you describe is a vee, at least at first, with one person -- you, the hinge -- having two partners. My feeling, and I think others agree, is that it's by far the best if the two people on the legs of the vee can be friends. Certainly they should know about and have met each other.
i agree that whomever my second partner is-whenever i finally meet them-should also know my fiance.

but i do not know what a 'vee' is ....? i've heard the term hinge before though

i'm still not entirely sure i want to have another relationship....they are a lot of work and i'm not that great at it....i am taking this very slowly to say the least, and not necessarily trying to meet someone....but if i do..we will just see where we go from there i guess

and YES! honesty is the best policy...i imagine that is far more important in a poly relationship

thanks for the advice btw!
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