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Aw Maca! I am so sorry you are hurting from the affair and the trust is just not there yet. I didn't realize the living arrangements were fairly new. I thought it was a couple of years in. I guess we (women) forget how fragile even the tough guys are. But really what makes you happiest is being part of if not the sole reason LR is happy. Nothing would make her happier than having a haven of love security with you. That means accepting GG but more importantly standing in his shoes for a moment, being sensitive to the guilt that may be prohibiting him from really reaching out to you, and being brave enough to accept that GG has his own proprietary stake of LR's heart because of their very long and intimate connection. That is a tough pill to swallow! Believe me, in a sense I can relate. My bf tells me this all the time: he is soooo unhappy (distraught) when KT and I are at eachother's throats. It makes him physically ill, and he is a guy's guy too. And although KT and I may not see eye to eye on everything (ok-most things), we need to remember we aren't hurting eachother as much as we are hurting our relationship with P. You seem to be such a great guy, very supportive and generous, keep working on the GG relationship because it will bring you and LR that much closer. I know you have heard it all before...same BS just a different day...but keep your chin up and moving this crazy life forward. We need to read success stories on here!!!

Had a great day today...sending those positive vibes to you!

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