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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
One of my issues in a polyfidelity "V" model is that usually, one person gets to be with lovers every night while the two others have to have nights alone part of the time. While I applaud others who can, I can't find balance that way.
I'm not sure how others do it but when my husband and I were with our partner we all lived together and shared the same room. We don't believe in the part-time thing, we believe that a partner is a partner and in order for the relationship to work (atleast for us) is for us all to be in a unit together as a family and that means no one gets alone nights unless someone is at work or they want them or chose them but it isn't something that is planned. We never did believe going into this lifestyle that when we found someone she would have a room other than ours, the whole purpose in finding our love was to be with her. Just how we do it. In my opinion "polys" are a unit or family and the "new woman" isn't just a gf or lover but a member of the family in all ways, that's how we view it.
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