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because its people like her that make it tough for us honest folks to be proud of who we are.

And I could not be partnered with someone who was willing to lie to another partner. That's just who I am.

Yes, it's really difficult to be upfront about being poly knowing full well that most other people don't understand it and that you are risking losing a relationship before it even starts.

I'd guess most of us have experienced rejection based solely on being non-monogamous. Having felt that pain, most of us still choose to do the right thing and be totally honest about our relationship style from the start.

Even taking that very subjective idea of "right" and "wrong" out of the equation, the bottom line is that what she's doing doesn't work.
After all, how successful can a relationship that is based on a lie really be?

And as others before me have said, if my partner is willing to lie to another partner, how can I trust that I'm not being lied to?

To me it's about character, integrity, respect and trust - qualities that are required in anyone whom I call a partner.

Doing things that are difficult but are the right things to do is how those qualities are developed. Perhaps this is an opportunity for F to do some developing ...
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