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I was so happy to find that there was an active Poly forum available. I just found you guys yesterday and have enjoyed reading some of the posts.

My husband and I consider ourselves poly, but have rarely practiced it...mostly because we just don't actively pursue other people. I was thinking that we didn't pursue outside relationships because we were completely satisfied at home, but I realize that a poly relationship has nothing to do with lacking something at home, but has more to do with expanding your life experience and adding love to your life. I'm starting to think that we speak so fondly of each other and are obviously so in love with each other, that people aren't getting the vibe that we're open to other possibilities. We're not swingers, but I wouldn't mind connecting with someone else who has some common ground with me. I was trying to think of when I'd have the opportunity to meet other people, when it ocurred to me that I meet hundreds of people every month when I teach at conventions....Somehow, I seem to have put up a wall that keeps me from connecting with others. But that's my issue to deal with.

A few years ago, each of us had a "fling" with people with whom we had no real emotional attachment. It was more of a way to scratch an itch and move on. We appreciated the ego boost, and had some fun sexual escapades. After a short while, these relationships dissipated and neither of us has seriously connected with anyone else. Until now....

I had to edit this post because my knucklehead husband has been giving the link out....and I want to be sure I'm not hurting anyone's feelings. I'll post more later.

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