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Hi RainKing - and welcome,

My thoughts..............
I'd be VERY careful here !
As you maybe have or will read in other places (here and other sites), once the father of a child - ALWAYS the father of a child. Ethically AND legally !
Not something to be taken lightly. Time can change many things. I'd give some serious thought to the long term implications of such a thing before considering it.

You have two children you are responsible for already. You didn't mention their ages etc but that in itself is no light responsibility. Kids require a lot of support and energy, emotionally, physically, financially. Be honest with yourself and make sure that you are capable of providing all of that for the two you already have.

Not to seem snide, but humans are not disposable commodities. You can't trade them in if they don't work right or toss them aside if you really don't have time to deal with them. We have enough of those poor kids in the world already.

My thoughts anyway.......

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