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I'm not sure what this thing is you are going to, but chances are that if alcohol is involved and you already know that there are some unresolved issues floating around that they will surface their ugly head and become bigger issues. I would suggest if you are going to be drinking that you make very firm boundaries that are bigger than you might otherwise. Like, no intimacy at all except each other. Otherwise don't medicate. and see how it goes.

I dunno, what is the rush, it's not like you will never in you entire life have the chance to get it on with others. Besides, this sounds more like swinging than poly, be sure you know the difference in your heart and really know that you are okay being in a situation where you will be used for sex and will use others. If you are the type that see sex as a way to get off and nothing more, then fine, but if you are the type that feel it reflects your inner most being in terms of feeling loved and loving others, then perhaps this is not the scene for you.

Be careful not to leave damaged by others because you unknowingly, on both parts, allowed them to damage you.
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