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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Ok whats everyones take on withholding truth to protect the person who could be hurt. Dan Savage. in a video. was talking about cheating (this point is not just his, I have heard this before, and am curious) He specifically said, unless it is being repeated, if you only cheated once and won't ever do it again, you shouldn't tell your spouse. You are simply passing the guilt onto the person it will hurt the most. Suck it up, keep it in and continue loving your partner

Just curious.

i used to have this same philosophy and I agree with Mon-the key word is repeated.
IF it's ONLY ONE TIME-and you learn the lesson and it never repeats, I'd have to agree.

BUT-that isn't what the situation usually is. It's kind of like saying "in a perfect world". Why bother? We don't live in a perfect world so who cares what we would do if we did?

In this REAL world that we live in-it is more likely if you keep it to yourself-that you will repeat it. So just get off your ass, admit you fucked up and do what you can to repair damage to those you damaged in the process...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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