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Default hello from Seattle

Hello... cut to the point...we never really thought about a polyamorous relationship however after 4 years together, I think we are there...

We have had open/threesome relationships with many of my girlfriends (a couple I've grown emotionally close to), and I think we are there.

Its funny. I'm conflicted because I'm not conflicted with the fact that my BF (of 4 years) is having "relations" with a couple of my girlfriends (with me coordinating) and I'm now having relations with one of his friends.

I've never been more secure in my life with my relationship with my BF.

I'm just struggling with all of the "morals" that I've been taught my whole life.

And yet, never being more happy in my life.

So here I am...:-)

I hope to learn from all of you.
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