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Question kinda worried...

we are gonna be going to a place within the next couple of weeks where i experienced my first real g2g kiss/makeout last year. granted i was wasted on absinthe, i did have fun with it at the time. at that time the hubby wasn't "out" as poly and hadn't expressed any real desires of seeing me in a 3way or having another relationship other than 'typical' male 'oh i'd like that' type stuff. but now, with him 'out', i feel like any playing or fun having on my part will constitute him thinking I am OK with things and that he will push harder for things afterward. yes, i MIGHT play with another girl, i MIGHT let him. it just depends on the situation, the girl and my emotional fortitude at the moment. i am contemplating all of this before hand. i am trying to figure out how far i am willing/comfortable with going. and also then, letting it be known that is IT in no uncertain terms. i am just afraid whatever i do won't be enough for him. or that afterward he may blaming me for taking two steps forward and 3 back. how do i enforce my boundaries, still have fun, explore and not hurt his feelings???

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