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I'm 34 and a fellow Canadian to some of you. I am single, and a single momma to my wonderful son.I use the single momma term rather loosely as my sons father is still a huge part of our life.We still spend time together as a family and as friends, pretty damn lucky if I do say so.

I do many things...jill of all trades, master of a few. I am a small business owner and work part-time as a personal assistant. I'm crafty, a pretty fab cook, an aromatherapist, too many things to count really.

The possibly poly part of me is pretty new, the not so straight part of me isn't. I got a card from my aunt and uncle for my 19th birthday that said they would love me no matter what I chose. I consider myself fortunate that my love is not limited by gender... I've had male, female and a few partners occupying varying degrees of the space in between.

I am single, have been for a while. At this point it would be nice to meet people to spend time with, although I'm not in a hurry. I live with my son and don't plan on living with anyone else anytime soon.I like my space a lot as my life is very busy.

Passionate, compassionate, weird, shy,a pain the ass, easy going, difficult,..complex, but hopefully I don't have any complexes!

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