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Just an update for anyone who cares:

Our date didn't quite go as planned. She was still with a boyfriend we thought things had ended with. He is very against her being with anyone but him, very obsessive and controling. So we only spent a few hours together and it was here at the house. She had us pick her up at his house and my husband was very upset to see the hickies all over this guys neck. After that neither of us were up for going out.

It was a long and awkward night. She and my husband talked a lot yesturday and he told she needed to stop the games and be honest.

So she finaly broke things off with the other guy today. We'll see where things go. I'm a little cautious of her now. If she were happy with him it would be one thing, but she claimed she wasn't, yet she was still with him.

I guess it'll be a waiting game. I just feel so bad for my husband. He was so crushed Saturday.
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