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Originally Posted by poiyt View Post
Anyways, though we are using protection, and charting, and in fact Dh was out of town for school for the majority of 6 weeks - it only takes once and Dw might be pregnant. She is 6 days late, and has many typical early pregnancy signs.
I'm sorry can you clarify what you mean? Did a condom break? Has she taken a pregnancy test? What does Dh being out of town have to do with it?

In the end you or Dh don't have a say. It's up to her. You can tell her what your scared of. You can tell her how you think it will make you feel. You can ask her to listen.

If I was in your shoes I would be really worried. Six months isn't a long time and it sounds like you had a rough start as it is. I would feel like this is the wrong time to make things even harder and more complicated. This will add stress to your relationship. It might work out great. Or it might rip the three of you apart. You would know better then anyone who doesn't know you three about what the chances are.

What does Dh and Dw think about it?
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