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Default Taking the topic literal.

My not so celebrated opinion,...

Omission is ALWAYS lying.

It is simply a matter of deciding if the lie justifies the means.

Not telling someone you are planning their 40th birthday party ? ....a given.

Not telling someone you don`t like their hair that day ? ...grey area depending on wether they asked for a opinion or not.

Not telling someone your full sexual history, but disguising it like, ' you didn`t want to hurt their feelings, by talking about all your former flames' ???`re now entering 'dickweed' territory.

Not telling your long-term partner you have been intimate with _______. (Because you are a scared/selfish/dellusional/secretive person ),.... ....Definite 'dickweed' territory.

That said, No one gets through life, being entirely 'dickweed-free' . The best thing is to ; 'Do what you know how to do, and when you know better, you do better.'...paraphrasing, but very true.

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