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Default Hi from a Newbie from Canada!


So my name is Lindsay. I live with my legal husband (known him since we were 6) and my not legal wife (she is my soul mate - completely), and our 4 kids. Two are biologically mine and dh's, and two are dw's from her marriage. She is still in a relationship with her husband but the 3 of us live together. All of our kids are under 4 years old - our house is loud!

I have always known i wanted to be poly, but never thought it would actually happen. This relationship started out in a not so positive way (consuming drinks, and swapping husbands before any discussions on anything). It almost ended dw's and my friendship, and my marriage. We have worked amazingly hard to get to where we are now.

Our families are..well..Dh's family seemed to be quite supportive, but don't really want to tell other people about it. Dw's family is accepting but not endorsing, and my family has pretty much disowned me. We feel very much on our own in some ways.

Anyways, Im here for support, for friendship, for guidance, and for fun
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