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I know what you are saying ygirl. I don't have time to tell ever detail of my life to my partners, nor do I think its necessary. Sometimes though stuff comes up later that indicates I should've said something or now should say something because circumstances have changed.

For example, I met guys on line that flirted with, and when I met mono he asked that I end my flirting with them. I believed, at the time, that no man would be friends with me if I didn't flirt so I got rid of all of them. End of story I thought.

Well, wouldn't you know it, men actually do want to be friends with me, even if I don't flirt with them any more. One or two asked where I had gone and now I occationally talk to them as friends. I didn't tell Mono for a bit because I thought it would die out if I just didn't respond much. Eventually I told him because they weren't going away and I enjoy catching up ever now and then and seeing how they are doing. They enjoy talking to me too, even though there is no longer any flirting going on.
I agree with Dan, AK. I have lived with the guilt of cheating for years now. My ex never knew. I am so glad the burden has been mine and not his. In his eyes I still have integrity. I'm glad for that, but it does add to my guilt. Oh poor me. I'm glad to have not damaged him with not being able to trust people in his life.

He is married with two kids now and they are doing fine. Who knows what would be different for him and them. I just know that I can be proud that it wasn't on my head that he suffered mistrust because I was guilty. If I did anything right by cheating it was not telling him I had. I am proud of that.

Yup, I totally think that if you cheat the burden should be all yours.
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