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Default Confused? Frequency changing...

Need a bit of advice...

Looks like my partner wants to change the frequency we see each other, as we have been fighting alot lately (which has affected our bedroom habits).

We've been seeing each other about 4 days a week (one weekday and the weekend). Dating for a little over a year. I am the primary partner.

He just starting seeing someone else about 2 months ago...and wants to cut our time in half. Meaning go from 4 days down to 2 days. And seeing her 1 day during the week and leaving me for the weekend. He says his reasoning for this is more personal time for himself.

I am so used to seeing him during the week and weekends. I wouldn't mind seeing him 3 days but he thinks we need drastic measures. I just feel like she's the weekday girl and I'm the weekend girl.

I'm just a bit saddned and at a loss for words on what to do about the situation. Any thoughts would be appreicated

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