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Well,I told hubby last night about being on this forum,and shared with him some of the posts that I've read thus far;he listened quietly,then said.."good for you hon,hope it all helps"!

Redpepper...I'm not sure re: having to share,just a thought.Time will tell.

Drunkenp..My reason for not being a poly all these years,well,when I met hubby early 07 I was at the beginning of making my exit to Central America where we now live,so did'nt want to bring a third party into the chaos of it all.We're now settled here,and the time has finally arrived for me to be able to focus on my personal needs.Though not sure how,for this is a very,very conservative country,quite homophobic,not open to anything but what they consider.."the norm"!;but I'm ready to give it a try! (:>...
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