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I went through much dating before finding someone worth investing my time in. I lied to a few at the beginning just to get into the dating scene again and then lied because I was not finding interesting women too, men? no problem... I like lesbians, lesbians aren't all that into me I tried lyng and felt terrible.

I decided eventually to just shrug and say off the bat that I am married. I didn't invest anything in any date and just took it as a nice time out. I decided that I would change my attitude towards it. Instead of being needy I decided to be picky. I stumbled along and did some stupid stuff (slept with men I shouldn't have, because they just used me to get off) just because I thought that was how to get someone interested in me and love me.

Just as I was realizing I was making a mockery of my life and actually getting kind of giddily out of control, I met Mono.

You just never know.... It was love at first sight for both of us. We were both pathetic in our own ways and each others salvation... and extremely lucky to have found each other.

Keep at it... remember you are your own primary. Take the time to re-group, connect with yourself, and your wife/family before investing in people. If that foundation isn't there, you will have nothing in the end.
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