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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
There are so many possible scenerios in this poly life. I hope you find the right combination/situation you're looking for.
Um. I'm not looking for a combination or a situation. I'm looking for people. Precisely, to relate to people, to relate as fully as possible to as many people as possible who i have that spark with. How many people that is and how fully isn't build into me or lover/s but into circumstance.

As it happens i'm a bit of an imposter in this discussion, sorry for that Ceoli, because i've never been a third to a couple, and neither have i ever tried integrating another person into a couple i was part of. Our respective lovers were part of our independent lives, not our life together. I suppose this also worked better for me because I love giving and having the freedom to see other people but for now i still find being reminded too much of my lovers' lovers hard to bear in practice.

Anyway the bottom line, which I think we agree on, is that coupling or tripling are not the only ways of being poly.
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