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Default Not yet a poly...

Just a short intro here,my husband and I are interested in sharing our life with another woman,I am bi,he's not,but was made aware of my bisexuality very early into our friendship turned relationship.He apparently has had exp. in poly relationship with his first wife many years ago before we met,which gives him an edge on accepting me for who I am.
He is ten yrs. older than I and at times seems to be more interested in me finding a partener than I am.His reasoning is that he'd like for me to be not only happy,but to know I'll have someone in my life if something should happen to him.We do love each other,and like him,I too would love to meet that special person,but it has'nt happen.I do miss that feminine part of my life,though being married now,not sure how I would handle having another in our lives with the possibility of having to "share" her with hubby.????

Has anyone been through such an experience> If so,what was the course taken,and the longterm outcome.We are both over 55 yo.

Please be kind,am new to this lifestyle,and this site!

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