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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Sorry to hear about the circumstances, I am sure you will work through it. Thanks for sharing, and you never know, now that he knows the true situation he might come back around
Thanks!! Yes, maybe, but he's extremely conservative and fairly rigid. He may come around, but it will take him a while if he does. It's interesting, because in a short time, I had fallen back in love with him. You might think that since I have 3 other male lovers that I would not really have to grieve the loss of one lover. Or that, just being with one of the other ones would serve to alleviate the grief for the loss of one.....but that is so not true!!!

BTW- Steven called today....haven't spoken to him in 2 months....I KNOW he intuited that I needed some support today because we have a spiritual soul connection. That was awesome and I may fly up North to be with him for a few days in July!!!
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