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Originally Posted by Taamar View Post
My aunt never will because her viewpoint is "Logic doesn't matter, God says it's wrong and you're going to hell, and it's my responsibility to turn you from your sinful ways" There is no possibility of respectful non-threatening conversation there!
Essentially she blocked you first then it seems like. She wasn't open to your point of view in terms of respecting your differences. It's the same thing as her saying, "This is not open for discussion." There is not much one can do about that except be available if they ever change their minds.... thanks for pointing out what this feels like from the other side of someone saying something isn't open for discussion.

in my experience it usually means watching them become bitter, unhappy, depressed and blaming it on everyone else around them. Very sad, but, their own chose. unfortunately they usually don't see that... at least from what I have seen.
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