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I wrote this on another forum. Here is my take on the episode now that i watched it


I wasn`t all that surprised. House never believes anyone is telling the truth. So for the wife of the couple that truly believes truth defines their open relationship, that would be a button for him to explore. He explored it and found mistruths. They had nothing to do with the relationship at hand, but had to do with the foundation of their coupling.

I think it would be naive of the show to portray anything else. Visit any poly forum and the site is riddled with people who have told mistruths. Couples, secondaries, thirds etc. Yes, we might be more honest, or try harder, but there are still people whouse mistruths to get where and what they want.

I don`t believe the show did anything but follow its own formula and anyone who regularily watches it would simply see that formula. It wasn`t negative or positive. It was simply by its own design.

I spoke wth my wife and asked her about. Her take on being open and mine aren`t different in nature, but different in understanding. I am better read about the topic than she is, she is simply open because she enjoys me being with other women and also likes being with other women. She viewed the show as fairly positive, and even her mother and father did. Maybe because we are inside the box we are judging it more harshly than those outside of the relationship structure

Lastly - Taub...cheating might be a bit of kink for him. He likes the thrill of being with younger hotter women that makes his receding hairlined short ego feel stroked. Its hard to be in an open relationship and fill that `cheat`bug. If both parties know I doubt it feels like cheating.
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