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I came out to my parents last fall as you may of may not know. It's right here...

My mum seems to be in protection mode now.. she gave me a pep talk yesterday before Nerdist and I went to a wedding where some people know we have Mono in our lives... it was about not letting other peoples judgments keep me from being me. HA! I had to laugh, she was/is the biggest judge. I'm not complaining, I love that she has found a way to connect with me in her protective mother role... I prefer that than what we had.

I am not a big fan of telling people it isn't their business when they ask me questions or even when they are judging me or being disrespectful. In keeping with good communication (at least by my standard) I much more apt to tell them how their words make me feel, ie. disrespected. If I want people to talk to me in a certain way then I believe I need to talk to them in the way I want to be talked to. I know I would feel very disappointed and hurt if someone told me that something isn't open to discussion. how does anyone move forward from that?! I would prefer hearing, "I am feeling threatened and hurt by your words, I am not interested in talking with you about this until I hear words that don't make me feel threatened. If you want to talk to me differently then let me know." Or "I am not interested in talking about this right now, please ask me later or we can make a time to talk, but right now doesn't work for me."
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