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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
still working on complete compersion first.
Compersion seems to have fallen into our lap to a large's the external stuff that we are navigating a bit more cautiously in regards to our future. There is Redpepper's primary extended family to consider, the welfare of her child first and foremost. The beauty is the external stuff does not take away from our love and commitment. We are growing constantly and need to be patient and respectful to the health of others that will be impacted now.

It's nice to move away from the internal struggles for sure though. There is a security and almost team sense of showing people how healthy and possible this is. To us it just seems so natural

I think there may even be a little analyasis from other poly friends we have in watching us realize some of our goals and wondering if the aquiring is as good as the's not always about the chase
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