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I haven't caught up reading-but wanted to answer the question from my perspective RP.

For me-I RARELY feel jealous or possessive, occassionally "that time of the month" for a few minutes to a couple hours. But not every month. It's rare.

I can be quite territorial about my time/space however.

Ironically I'm generally NOT territorial about Maca-protective-but not territorial. IF someone is attacking him, emotionally, physically, whatever, then I do become territorial and aggressively protective of him.

I am more often territorial about GG. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. YEARS.

For me-I don't need to be defensive of my "territory" with Maca-it's defined since we're married and everyone is WELL aware of our relationship.

However with GG it's RARELY known what our relationship to one another is-and so people tend to step where they sure as hell DO NOT BELONG. Most often in the "well she's JUST a friend so why does her opinion matter?" type bullshit...
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