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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
Can you tell us what it is that you're concerned about omitting? That might help you find some insight into your problem.
Vandalin, booklady78, rarechild, southerndreams, quath - thank you for all of your replies - they have helped.

I was hoping not to tell specifics - but you're right - it would help. When Morningglory and I talked a few days ago - she told me that she doesn't understand why my DH tells me some things but not everything. I asked him what she meant by that. He said that he can only think of one thing, and it was something that they did that has been bothering him and making him feel extreme quilt. He did tell me last night - that they had sex twice in our house when the kids and I were not around (on a futon on our third floor.) One of the 3 small restrictions that I have on this - is that I do not want them having sex in our house. He swears that this was before I asked them not to do it here and that it hasn't happened since. He did not want to tell me because he knew that I would be very hurt and very upset and he didn't want to hurt me just to stop himself from feeling guilty. I wasn't angry when he told me, I didn't yell or cry - I did thell him that I was hurt but that I do forgive him. Him and I NEVER keep things from each other - EVER! We are best friends and can and do tell each other anything and everything. The fact that he didn't tell me this - especially when we talked about it and I asked them not to do it here - I feel that that was the time he should of told me.

Obviously - there is no changing what happened. I do truly believe that he feels guilty - I just wish he would have been able to come to me with this, instead of choosing not to say anything to avoid causing me pain.

I hope this made sense - it is late and I am exhausted (that's what happens when you stay up until 4 am talking)

If anything needs cleared up - I will edit this in the morning.

Goodnight - Kat

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