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I don't think anything will develop further with L and I unfortunately. My schedule limitations didn't seem to be able to be considered in the realm of " we will see each other once a week or so and won't take advantage of each others time". He didn't want to set aside a set day in case things came up, it is what it is.

It also seemed that J was not comfortable around me any longer upon our last encounter. Where we all sat together the month before and chatted she didn't approach me til the end of the evening this time - I'm sure in time this will pass.

I have to still admit discomfort with labels but seeing how everyone relates to them in polyamory has certainly broadened my perspective

I'm not straight, heavily tattooed, a single mother ( I can't avoid this label ) , labels have never served me well.Although I am willing to consider how they do make communication easier and can potentially fade with time.

As for email, definitely not a form of communication I would use in abundance in the future! It's so easy now to look back and see how it went awry. My background is in business, I've done quite a few classes in business and manual writing. Between that and being a questioning person who tends to challenge convention and " the man" so to speak I can see how someone could easily become defensive with me. I just wish my schedule could have been taken into consideration more, I know this could have been sorted out if we all communicated in person. While I am may be challenging and questioning I know I am a compassionate and loving person.

I don't steal candy from children, kick small dogs or withhold my seat on the bus from elderly people. I do however cry whenever I watch Legends of the Fall, cherish every moment with my super punk rock boy, work hard, live hard and love hard. Heart on my sleeve, literally and figuratively
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