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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Why not just enjoy the nice person that you have for now and let whatever happens happen? Why are you looking for another partner just because your current "nice partner" said so? If I were you, I'd be glad I found ONE nice person and I'd spend my time and energy connecting with and getting to know the partner that exists rather than spending energy being "frustrated" about some asshole that just wanted free sex. It's about quality, not quantity. A bird in hand is worth two in bush... etc.
I am happy with D and he brought it up in a conversation that I started about seeing other people. I feel like I'm putting too much pressure on him to be something he's not. I'm not sure if I can explain it well enough without rambling. You have a very good point though YGirl. I need to work on one relationship at a time. I did really like Donkey until he pulled that. Just have to explore the strange feelings and figure out where to go from there
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