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Default trying to find a second partner

this is mostly just me ranting but feedback is always welcome. I met D through online dating and he turned out great. He asked me when I was going to find a second partner. I'm looking. I really am. I find myself explaining the whole poly thing and only one guy has been willing to continue to talk. So I met up with this guy last night. we'll call him Donkey from now on. I start asking him questions and notice that he hasn't responded in kind. I ask about it. Donkey only asked me out because he thinks I'm damn hot and knows D won't mind if he fucks me. Now I'm ok with a fuck buddy but this pissed me off as all my other FB have at least taken a small interest in me. I tried really hard to explain to him that this isn't just about sex but he wasn't hearing it. I finally just left. I'm frustrated and I just want another nice person.
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