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I can so relate to your post! There have been times when I have spent incredible amounts of time trying to communicate with a partner in an effort to better understand the relationship. We did a LOT of written communication like you are doing. My life has changed, though and I have come to believe that this is the least effective way to work out understanding and to deal with conflict. This is what I would suggest, because it works for me. When developing a new relationship (one on one or with a couple or a group- doesn't matter), I find it counterproductive to do too much analysis. I find it's better to simply begin to spend time together having fun and enjoying each other. Seeing how much compatiblity and chemistry is there. Bring a camera and take photos of everyone smiling. Create memories. Chemistry, and happy memories of good times together....these things go a long way in giving strength to a relationship when the time comes for communication and dealing with conflict. Good luck, and hope to hear more !!!
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