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Originally Posted by AMoore View Post
However, he doesn't seem to have a desire to venture outside of our immediate relationship (though he has expressed a slight interest in being with me and my girlfriend).
There is no reason that he would need to venture outside of your immediate relationship. Just because you have a gf and she has a bf does not mean your husband needs to find a gf or bf.

To add to all of this, my girlfried has a boyfriend that she has been mostly monogomous with for the last seven years, and he is supportive of our relationship and has expressed a desire to join us, on occasion. My husband is okay with this, he says, as long as I don't have/develop feelings for the other man. He doesn't have a problem with the feeling I have for my girlfriend, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
Sounds like he'e imagining that he will feel threatened if you would come to love another man....maybe it would feel like competition since they are both men, but your love for a woman doesn't feel as much like a competition?? The only way to know is to ask him and, talk, talk and listen, listen and listen!!

Good luck and hope to hear more!!
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