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Having been diagnosed with Aspberger's, you have to know that you are not able to communicate in the same way that most people are. You are going to be bad at reading body language, facial expressions, and tone. So I would like to kindly suggest that perhaps your wife is unaware that you feel bullied. It might be helpful if, when you feel that bullying moment happening, you said something like, "I don't know if you mean it this way, but I feel afraid that you're upset when you use that tone. I don't mean to upset you, I'm trying to be honest. Is there a way that share this information that would be better for you?"

Depending on the degree of your Aspberger's, you might seriously need some third-party help. I know one person with Aspberger's who had to actually watch videotapes of facial expressions to learn how to read them. It is completely free to find out how much marital counselling would cost, and you might be surprised to find it within your budget. Also, you said you go to church--churches usually have some really lovely programs to help troubled marriages. Talk to your minister/priest/holy person, who might also provide counselling. They don't necessarily need to have a psychology degree to provide mediation and insight.

Other than that, I really liked what everyone else said.
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