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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
You mentioned that in your original post. It doesn't sound like you "allowed" (as KT assumed, and with all due respect) this to happen but were all on board with it from the get go. What happened? Were you friends with this woman, did you spend time with her just the two of you?
redpepper - Ha ha - I knew that I would get called out on that word! I couldn't, at the time, think of another way to say it. At some point, merry and her husband had made the decision to let the GF move in. I would hope he didn't make the decision on his own. Therefore - I am assuming that she allowed/permitted/agreed to - this happening. But, now it's just causing her too much stress and upset. She has every right to ask her to move out.

I like the idea of reaping what you sow - I have tried this, but I just keep stabbing myself in the foot with the spade! Try, try again!
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