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I've been in poly V's a long time. I'm 36 about to be 37 and always been poly since my first sexual experience. I raised a daughter in an extended family (a V).

Triads always scared me. I never found quite the match in our close quads. This is the first couple I have ever dated. And it was because of having so much in common with both of them. I don't date the other man I had been dating, now I am dating just them. As I have said here, my husband (s) died and it took awhile to open my heart again.

Three's are all new to me. I was used to thinking differently.

Thing is tho, is the cup half empty or full? I would rather know I am the creator of my own experiences and manifest what I want. Right now I'm not sure three is what I want exactly. But that's ok, joy is the journey, not the destination and I live what I choose. I love how life is fluid that way.
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