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Guess I lucked out then or my firewall etc is decent enough as I didn't get hit with anything. Sorry you did TL.

I actually thought they did a decent job on the show. Obviously they can't show every aspect and they do specify the marriage as open and not poly. I didn't see the husband as miserable, as you say Schordinger. I saw him as accepting but wanting it to stay sexual only and away from the family life that he has with his wife and child. That seemed like a semi-normal for the type of agreement I imagine they had. Although his not telling her about his lack of interest in others is a shame, but it does happen. We can't expect a major public tv show to only show the positives of an alternate lifestyle. They gave us the good and bad.

Maybe I missed something, but I still didn't get the feeling that the husband was miserable, just accepting and wanting his wife to be happy. They asked a lot of questions and it seemed to try to cover both ends of the spectrum from cynical to experiential.

As much as we would like for a show to display open or poly as a great alternative, we know that that won't happen anytime soon. The best we can hope for, at present (unless you happen to write scripts and own a production company) is for a semi impartial display that shows both sides.

As for the cheating doc, that was a complete failure of an open attempt because he could not deal with being honest and they tried to go too fast too soon, imho. The doc's and wife's entire conversation about it was basically DADT and her restrictions on time. Fini! That is not a good conversation, but is how it can happen when people do not understand what they are getting into.

Anyway, thanks for the original link and telling about this episode. I haven't watched a new House ep for a while, no tv and not exaclty toddler friendly. It was interesting trying to catch up a little.
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