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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
This is the book I most recommend so far for those that want to explain polyamory to someone.

The New Love Without Limits

Here is my reasoning for not recommending the Ethical Slut or even the book Opening Up.

Both the above books are more directed at those that want to open up. They are less sensitive to a person who is trying to understand why their partner needs this.

The New Love Without Limits, although less in depth and simplistic, does a better job of explaining the multiple "loving" aspect of polyamory in my opinion.

The "Ethical Slut" reads like a how-to to fuck lots of people in a mature responsible way.

Opening Up is a book for couples who want to open up.

A lot of times we are dealing with people who do not want to open up. This requires a great deal of clarity, sensitivity, and understanding of their perspective when presenting the reasons for how and why their partner wants/needs and can even have multiple loves.

I'm not sure of a book specifically designed for those people..the ones looking at their partners with broken hearts, feeling loss, inadequate or replaced.
I don't mean to sound dramatic..but that is what we are dealing with.

Peace and Love

I would have to agree completely with you. Though I'm not in a position to speak much on anything I can speak on these references and I completely agree with you. In my last few years of dipping my toes into this way of life I've read all three books. Perhaps my introduction to this new way of living would have been accepted more quickly had I read "The new love without limits" first.
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