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I would be curious to know stats on how often, including number of tries, mono relationships work out. I know a tremendous number of very single very available women who have been trying to find their one and only for many years. Their ratio of failed relationships is much greater than mine with finding a third.

hmmm, thinking of it like that kind of put a smile on my face, does that make me an ass...

I am on another forum with several "couplings" that have and are working out. Not sure of lengths of time though

If you think about it, the requirements for people to connect (requirements is not a good word) are pretty stringent to begin with. Of all the people we meet in our lives, how many do we feel that connection with ? Very few. It's pretty difficult for even two people to truly connect. When you start increasing those numbers the odds against you increase expotentially.
Very few doesn't even describe it. I can count on one hand (ok maybe 2) the number of people I have connected with in the last 10 years. In this town of rotational temp workers I have met and hung out with, on the acquaintance level and at work, with 100's of people (these are people I have gone out with, talked to, played sports etc. Not just pass by workers for example). International, varying walks of life...and I still only have 2 hands of people I connected with.

Ok, now thats almost depressing haha...
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