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Fair enough Darkside. Then it seems you have some reading to do and research. There is a lot on here about talking to partners. Try a search and see what you come up with. We were talking about something similar to this on another thread just today actually.

There is lots of time for poly to occur in your life. For me it took 12 years to achieve what I have achieved thus far. I put a lot of work in and waited for what seemed like forever before finding the right people who were willing to invest in me and my dream for family. Before I dated Mono I went on two to three dates a week searching for the right man/woman. Then I found a group of poly folk who started a group to discuss poly and now feel like they are my community. I helped create that community by being involved and having events.

It started much like where you are now, but way before marriage, kids, house etc. I just took a break from poly and did those things first and then got back to my quest when my boy was 4. I got back to it by getting back to myself first and my husband. Without that foundation I would have nothing today. I took the time to make sure it was good and strong first before venturing out to find another family member.
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