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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I was simply saying that it seems your priorities are off to me. Why are you thinking about this NOW? You are about to have another child and in the thick of kid land. Shouldn't that be your priority? That and getting enough sleep?

I just don't understand and still think that you need to wait. All you questions are valid, but the timing is off it seems to me.
As I said above looking for some help a ear advice and even maybe a bit of you know what we feel for you that the rules where changed after concent was given. but mostly just a place to chat and ask my questions. as for thinking about it now .... i have never stopped thinking about it. i found this forum yesterday. and that was only after a long long time pondering and agonising about the subject that i actually posted. this isn't something that i take litely. as for priorities, they are with my family as is now.and with the impending birth. that being said my want/need for that additional relationship has not gone away or diminished in anyway. and yes the timing is off (right now) but that doesn't mean i shouldn't ask questions and gather advice and information now and learn as much as i can now, so that when the timing is better i can be all boyscout prepared.
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