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I'm sorry if you take offense to what I said Darkside. Its great you think you are being a good dad and husband. I wasn't questioning that, I was simply saying that it seems your priorities are off to me. Why are you thinking about this NOW? You are about to have another child and in the thick of kid land. Shouldn't that be your priority? That and getting enough sleep?

I just don't understand and still think that you need to wait. All you questions are valid, but the timing is off it seems to me.

I'm sorry if you didn't hear what you wanted to hear. The title of your thread indicates you wanted peoples opinions. I have mine and gave it.
As to trying to talk to your wife about this right now and what avenue you should take to do so? Well, I would suggest that you tell her that you are wanting to have the rockingest family with her right now so that one day there might be the opportunity to become family with more like minded people. I don't know what else to tell you personnally. I can't think of one single thing you could say to a pregnant woman with a three year old that would take her out of baby land and into the immense life over haul that poly creates. I really can't. Having been there ... I just can't.

Maybe someone else should respond to this... I just don't get it.
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