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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Destiny....I think maybe the kicker was she had two kids....she probably didn't or couldn't come to grips with how to deal with this sitaution and her kids. I know it's made it immensely easier for us three with all our kids grown and headed off to college. It just removes a huge hurdle.
He has a point. I'm on the other end. I'm married with a young child and another on the way. While my husband and I did have one V poly relationship, with me at the center, it was incredibly hard for me to enter into it and to balance that out with being a mother and having a family that would never understand. P was the person we thought was right for us, but P was also a very special person whom we had been friends with for years and long before our son was born. Even now I don't know if I can ever go forward in another poly relationship and not feel I'm somehow "messing up" the lives of my children. It's upbringing and society in part. But it's also my difficulty in letting go of my whole white picket fence dream life I grew up wanting.
Whatever happens, I wish you all the best. Maybe she'll come to terms and maybe she won't. Either way, I hope you all find what you are looking for.
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