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The couple that is romancing me right now took me out for miniature golf. Well, ok, it also was a playground like thing for adult kids also, the golf, bumper cars, etc. Made us all feel like kids. Really fun and sweet.

You may also try 'kid' things like roller skating. And how I met and 'undated' the male half of the couple, going to the dog park with my four legged family. Which gets along great together, so it's really nice and practical in case I ever move in with them. Far down the road.

Renting bicycles in the park. Riverwalks. And oh, about the shopping you mention, why not do what you have in common with her alone and then do what you have in common with him alone? We find that works great for us. And we always have plenty to do as the three of us. We all have a lot in common.

Speaking as a single woman that is dating a couple: let it go like it feels right to. Nothing is written in stone. I met the man first, started to date him, then dated his wife, and we do things all together also. There started to be a structure sorta, now it's not. It's really more about our schedules.

Oh, and I gotta say, she is a chef, he is a veterinarian and SHE prepared the picknick basket for he and I's date once.

have fun in this delicious stage. yummy.

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