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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
1. Is there a reason she needs financially taken care she pursuing an education or is there some other reason for the unemployment?
2. Did he offer a home while she pursued some other endeavor?
3. Did she always have financial dependence or is this something that just happened?
These are all good questions and I like the idea Otter has. Has your husband and his girlfriend considered the benefits of having a separate place. Redpepper and I enjoy our private time at my place. Even when we are able to co-habitate (and we are being very cautious about pacing this move....16 months and counting) I will have a detached suite. Yes they won't see each other as much, but the time they have will be very private. Maybe a couple of nights a week? That way you all have one on one time. So, again you can look at the benefit of her becoming independent.

As far as your husband paying for her way through school or something....I would hope that both him and her could see the resentment this could foster. Not only are you realy not getting anything tangible out of thier relationship (I'm sure some one will take issue with this statement) but now she is impacting the financial state of your household.

Do they not think that their relationship will be smoother and healthier if the relationship all of you have is? People seem to want so much...the world is not about getting absolutely everything you want....but in the case of poly relationships a lot of times people get a generous amount of those things and that is wonderful...for those that want it. I think some people lose sight of that and quite frankly become greedy.

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