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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I can't help but focus on the issue of your husband's girlfriend not growing up as a self sufficient adult; secure in her ability to take care of herself as an empowered woman. No doubt she doesn't want to give you space..because that means she would loose her comfy place and financial security....How much of your husband is her "Boyfriend" and how much of him is her "sugar daddy"?
I am with Mono on this. To live in a household you need to contribute to it. This could be by caring for the house or working out side to add to the households funds. There is no way I could have someone in my house who is not working towards the good of the family. This is what families do.
Just to toss the idea out there what if the GF got a job and gave half of her check to help out. That way she is out of the house for a while everyday.
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