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J's husband lifted the break time he asked of DH and J last night. He talked with her and they got through alot of issues. This has been a hard two weeks for everyone. I have had to hold my husband and comfort about the possibility of loosing a woman he loves who isn't me. And it has hurt knowing that it wasn't my arms he was wanting. It hurt to know that he was so worried about her that our sex life was being affected. This was never something I pictured happening in my life, that is for sure.
I broke down yesterday. They were suppose to reunite for the first time from their break last night. I just wanted this to happen so I could have my husband back. I missed him and I just couldn't take any more hurt. I was right when I said someone was going to come out hurting. It was me. But I can deal with that so much more than seeing either of them suffer from not being able to be with each other.
Absence does make the heart grow fonder and I think their break made them love each other more. That burns but I am accepting it. I miss being someone's one and only sometimes, I don't think I was ever really one. But it sounds like a nice idea. Very hollywood though.
J did something unbelievable for me last night. It was suppose to be her turn. It was their night and it meant alot to both of them. But she knew I was hurting and missing him. So she sent him home. She sent him home with a promise that her husband did not object to them anymore and they would be together again soon. And he came home to me, happily. And we made sweet love and he was happy and it was because he was laying in my arms.
They tricked me, lol. They told me her husband came home from work early and DH couldn't stay. But as DH and I were falling asleep he told me that her husband never got called off of work. That instead he read my text to her and our conversation throughout the day. Even though I insisted they not break their night because I just couldn't handle another day of seeing him hurt, she sent him home anyway. After them talking it all out.
I think it was their way of giving back to me after everything I have given up and sacraficed for them to be together and for my husband to live his life the way he needs to. I cried out of happiness for the first time in a long time and felt very touched. A bit guilty. But I won't let that over ride what they did for me. I do appreciate their thoughtfulness.
They are reuniting on Friday night now instead so I am sure I will be on again then. Til then my friends!
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