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Default Time To Talk

Hi Seventh Crow!
Thank you for your reply. We sat down today and talked about what happened. After reading your reply we talked about the NRE and how it feels to be so thrilled and excited about a new love interest. We've decided to take a few days and seriously look at our schedules. There are many things we enjoying doing together. We are making a list and scheduling times to be together for enjoyment's sake and not to do household chores. My schedule is more able to tolerate meetings with my others during the week, while his would be better on the weekends.

I have moved past my need to constantly be with J. We talk often, almost daily, on the phone but only see each other about twice a month given the distance between us. I know how it feels to need to be in constant contact. I'm doing my best to remain understanding of these feelings. This is going to be a journey of discovery for sure and I look forward to learning all I can from everyone here at the forums. Thanks again!
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