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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Just me in having two women. Besides being mono, I'm way to focussed to spread out my attention. Hence another reason for my disinterest in group sex as well.
DAMN! (j/k)

I have to say-that I wasn't under the impression that EITHER guy was "just a sex toy".

They are both madly in love with me and they both put themselves into showing that with a joint effort at sexually pleasing me. But neither did anything that was uncomfortable to them or that wasn't enjoyable for them.
They didn't either one get off, but they weren't either one going for that either... their point was to satisfy me...

I DO understand what you are all saying about not putting someone in a position (including self) that they have to do something that they wouldn't want to.
I wouldn't expect either of them to do anything sexual with one another-it wouldn't excite me (though watching two men together CAN) because I know it isn't exciting or even interesting to either of them.
But having them pay me such attention was awesome.
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